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       Notable Cases

  • State v. C.H. (West New York Municipal Court)

     DUI with accident with 5 other vehicles.  Issue was whether the Defendant was under the influence of prescription drugs or the accident was caused by a medical condition from which e defendant suffered.  

Result:Dismissal of DUI and collateral charges

  • State v. H.H.  (Essex County)

    Defendant charged with possession of CDS with intent to distribute.  Defendant was alledgedly selling crack cocaine out of her car and was found in possession of CDS, money, and scales.  Defendant was stopped by police and and arrested after a search.

Result: Downgrade to wandering charge penalty: $500.00 fine, no probation

  • State v.  B.K. (Essex, Passaic, Morris, and Warren Counties)

Defendant was charged with multiple 3rd degree counts of Theft by Deception and Bad Checks in multiple (4) counties at once.  Motions were made in all counties to consolidate the charges into one county.

Result: Defendant was able to go on P.T.I. and have the charges dismissed.

  • State v. M.R (Passaic County)

Defendant was charged with Criminal Contempt for Violation of  a Final Restraining Order.  We were able to prove her innocence, securing her immediate release from Passaic County Jail.

Result: Dismissal of all Counts

  • State v. D.V.

  Defendant was an underage driver whose license was suspended from a previous DUI.  Defendant was allegedly driving a vehicle involved in an accident and then allegedly assaulted the officer when he arrived and was allegedly in possession of the CDS.  

Result: Plead to 2nd DUI and Conditional Discharge allowing criminal charges to be dismissed; 6 other charges dismissed as part of plea.

  • MTAG v. J.V. (Essex County)

Defendant was an elderly man in ill health and was unable to pay his property taxes.  Plaintiff had purchased a property tax lien against defendant's property, commenced a foreclosure action, and obtained a judgment against defendant.  We were able to negotiate with the plaintiff to set aside the judgment, allow defendant to redeem the tax sale certificate and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity in his home.

Result: Settled in favor of the Defendant.

  • State v. C.V. 

Defendant was pulled over by a police officer in Paterson, NJ, written a ticket and allowed to be on her way.  Turns out the summons was a criminal complaint for Wandering for the purposes for Obtaining CDS.  We were able to prove the client's innocence. 

Result: Charges Dismissed

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