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"Mr Benevento really goes to bat for his clients and it really showed in the court room. He was able to get my case down graded big time to the point where he even received praise from the Judge. The prosecution even told him he should become an expert. I highly recommend him as an attorney!!"
-Marcello H.

"Mr. Benevento is highly compassionate about defending your rights. I won't go into specifics of my case but he was able to prove my innocence in court. He also returns calls quickly to answer any questions you have with competence and confidence. I always refer Mr. Benevento to everyone I know for any criminal or vehicular matter."


"If you are looking for an attorney that always has your best interests in mind, then look no further - you've found him.

Chris is a dedicated legal professional that strives for excellence and has helped me with my case every step of the way. His communication is superb, and all of my concerns have been addressed almost instantly, as he really helped guide my wife and I through a particularly rough situation.

Chris takes things a step further, and really boils complex legal issues down for the layperson, which has taken so much of the "mysticism" out of the legal process for us. I'm extremely pleased with his services, and would recommend to him to anyone"

-Pier P.

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            Drug Crimes in New Jersey

           Anyone who lives in New Jersey understand the drug epidemic that we are facing, and the laws and the Courts in this State are a reflection of that reality.   For those that are arrested for a drug crime, from simple possession to more serious offenses, our Firm is here to help.

         The penalties for even the lowest of drug crimes can be very severe without the right attorney.  They can range from license suspension, high fines, mandatory incarceration, compelled in-patient programs, to everything in between.  

          Our Firm also understand the problems for those who suffer from substance addictions, and their loved ones.  We work closely with in-patient and out-patient programs to help our clients get their life back, if it is needed.  Our conversations with our clients are always confidential and privileged, by law, so our clients can always be comfortable talking to anyone at our Firm.

          We explore all options for our clients, from fighting the case to making applications for programs like Drug Court and Conditional Discharge.  Conditional Discharge program, if available, will allow our clients to complete a probation period and have the charges against them dismissed at the end.  Drug Court is a supervised probation program in which the focus is not on incarceration or punishment, but treatment for the defendant.