Criminal Defense with the Benevento Law Firm LLC

       The Benevento Law Firm LLC has handled countless criminal cases in favor of our clients.  The sole Mission of this Firm is to provide effective representation and exceptional client service at a reasonable price.  We plan for our clients' future,  we take a holistic approach to legal representation, and we are always up front about our billing.  

      This Firm is Experienced, effective and affordable & we want every person that hires this Firm to leave in a better position than when they walked in our door.  

Proactive Representation of your Case

         I believe that representing a defendant in a matter effectively requires starting from day number one.  The "wait and see" approach taken by most defense attorneys is never as effective as running right out of the gate.  In order to get started on your case, we gather as much evidence as possible, by interviewing witnesses, organizing paperwork, making discovery demands on the prosecutor, and even involving our private investigator if needed, usually all before the prosecutor's office even opens their file.

​Familiarity with the Local Courts

         An old joke is that a good defense attorney knows the law, a great defense attorney knows the judge!  Although I believe nothing beats good old fashioned hard work, being familiar with the local courts and their staff is a necessity.  You need an attorney that has experience working with the Courts in order to differentiate the diverse process in each court.

Client Service

       We take pride in providing exceptional client service.  We consider our clients part of our team who are informed every step of the way.  We always return phone calls the same day (unless there is an emergency) and our door is always open even without an appointment.  

      We implement state-of-the-art law practice management software which all of our clients have the ability to log into in order to always have their documents, calendar dates, and an attorney that they can contact with their questions right from their computer or smart phone.

Early Intervention Before Charges are Filed

       The Prosecutor's Office, or even the Municipal Prosecutor, pursues charges based on biased information provided to them by police or an alleged victim.  Sometimes it is possible to meet with the prosecutor prior to charges being filed in order to present the prosecutor with an opposing view.  This may help the prosecutor "re-calculate" what charges to bring, if they bring charges at all.

        There are also diversionary programs to which the defendant can apply, prior to an indictment (formal charge) for certain crimes and if the defendant is eligible.  These programs include Pre-Trial Intervention, Conditional Discharge, and Conditional Dismissal, and many times result in a dismissal of all the charges if the client completes a satisfactory probationary period.

Thinking about your future

     One thing that many attorneys do not think about when representing a client facing criminal charges, is the collateral consequences that criminal charges can bring.  Whether it is dealing with a professional license, enrollment in school, the possibility of losing a job,  or even family issues, our firm will take a holistic approach to your case in order to make the best possible decisions for you and your life.

     Our novel approach ensures that we mitigate the collateral consequences as much as possible, because we know that once your case is resolved, you still have a life to live.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

      The unfortunate reality of out industry and our State is that we must ultimately face substance abuse issues head-on.  Many of our clients deal with these issues, which may times are the underlying cause of the predicament which brought them to us in the first place.  Our Firm is very sensitive to these issues, and we make sure the Courts and the Prosecutors are sensitive to these issues as well.  We have drug and alcohol counselors in our professional network in order to make sure that our clients can be evaluated for solutions to their disease.  

      We can also work with Courts in helping the client seek treatment, many times as an alternative to incarceration.

Cases this Firm Handles

       The Benevento Law Firm offers representation in criminal matters ranging from Traffic Violations, Ordinance Violations, Disorderly Persons Offenses, & Domestic Violence Matters, to Felony Level Indictable Crimes.   Whatever possible t=charge you may be facing, you can rest assured that this Firm has the experience and fortitude to provide the best possible representation in the industry.  



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