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         The Benevento Law Firm consistently invests time and resources to improving litigation strategy for our clients.  We participate in Continuing Legal Education courses and use state of the art technology to better serve our clients and to be great advocates in resolving their disputes.

        The Benevento Law Firm has successfully litigated many civil cases successfully, many of them going to trial, for our clients.  We use a law practice management software so that our clients not only always have access to their attorney, but to their documents, important dates, and contacts.  Service to our clients is our number one priority!  

Knowledge, Skill,  and Strategy in the Court Room.

An injury caused by another's actions or failure to perform a duty can result in complicated litigation, so it is very important to hire the right attorney to protect your rights!

Landlord-tenant law in New Jersey is very strict and complex for both commercial and residential properties.  Hire an attorney that is experienced in these matters.

We understand that your business is very important to you.  Hire an attorney that can represent your business when litigation is necessary.

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Employees who have been the victim of discrimination, workplace harrassement, wrongful termination, or the breach of a Union Contract or Employee Policy can call us!