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Our Business is Helping Your Business.

            Owning a business is many people's dream, and when your business is threatened because of a legal issue, you want the right lawyer to handle your matter to make sure that it is handled right.  With the Benevento Law Firm you can rest assured that the matter will be a top priority for us and you have a knowledgeable attorney handling your matter.    

             We take the time to discuss your legal matter with you, review the relevant law and the standards in your industry, and to discuss what options are available.  As a business owner, we understand that you will want to weigh all options to make a determination for what is best for your business, and we want to help you do just that.   

            So when it comes to disagreements with partnership contracts, contracts with vendors, liability issues, employee liabilities, service agreements, issues involving regulatory agencies, or any of the other countless legal issues that come with running a business, you can count on the Benevento Law Firm to advocate on your side and to present solutions!